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Computers, parts, monitors, scanners, printers. Mostly Used Equipment.

All descriptions are as close as possible. All items sold AS-IS based upon description.

Minimum Purchase - OKLAHOMA CITY: $100.00

Outside Metro Area - Min = $250 plus delivery.

I have an enclosed trailer and can deliver up to THREE Pallets within 300 miles.

No credit, no purchase orders. Pay by Money Order, Cash, other arrangements. Personal and Business checks must clear the bank before delivery.

Deliveries outside the metro OKC area require prepayment.


Most are beginner units which consist of Computer, Mouse and Keyboard. (see description).

Pentium or AMD, up to 300mhz. Hard-Drives are usually 1.6 Gig and larger up to 6 Gig unless otherwise listed. All include sound, video, Lan/cable-dsl card via cards or onboard. (see descriptions for selected units.) Some have modems. However, modems require drivers and all units are sold as received unless otherwise stated.

Most computers include an operating system, some basic programs, and usually whatever was on the harddrive. Some useable, some programs not.

I no longer work with 486 units, however they are sometimes included in shipments I buy. These are usually sold for $15.00 each as is, as received.

14" or 15" - $12.00
17" - $45.00

Keyboards - $3.00 to $12.00 depending upon style, type and availability.
Mouse ----- $3.00 and up.

Printers, Scanners and other devices as available.

Listings on this site will change weekly. Items sold will be deleted as soon as possible.